“To hell and back”: Returns in Duke Nukem Forever.

If there was a singular star in ’90s computer games, it was the buff, brazen, beer-drinking and cigar-smoking action hero Duke Nukem. Like Dirty Harry, John McClain, Rambo and any number of Schwarzenegger characters rolled into one profane Neanderthal, Duke battled mad scientists and alien invasions while always getting the ladies.

Though villains couldn’t vanquish him, Duke has been stuck in limbo for nearly 14 years, waiting for designers to craft a sequel to 1996’s multimillion-selling Duke Nukem 3D. Tuesday, Duke Nukem Forever finally arrives ($60, for PS3 and Xbox 360; $50 for Windows PCs; rated for adults 17-up).

Not only does Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer’s Edition list Duke Nukem among the top 50 all-time video characters (No. 27), but the title is also listed as the longest development time for a first-person shooter game (14 years). “That game has been to hell and back” between programming issues and company problems, says Stephen Cameron of video game website XboxAddict.com.

Players have long anticipated this moment. Duke Nukem 3D broke ground as one of the first fully interactive worlds, down to the working soda machines and restrooms (where Duke would blow up the occasional alien sitting in a stall).

After spending more than a decade and tens of millions of dollars developing a follow-up, 3D Realms gave up and fired the creative team in 2009. “Not only were they shocked and surprised, but they were there under this context of incredible passion and commitment,”

Longtime fans will get a kick out of the game’s conceit: It’s a dozen years since Duke saved the world in the events of Duke Nukem 3D. “He’s lived the life of a hero” and gotten rich off his fame, Duke Nukem Forever‘s arrival is like the opening of a time capsule. But the landscape has changed appreciably since Duke’s debut in 1991. Back then, Duke Nukem “basically gave conventional games the finger, just because it really pushed the limits of taste and, as a result, got a lot of attention. The core game itself was a lot of fun

 source : USA To Day

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